Bristol Slapstick 2016

"But it was the music that completed the evening and ultimately stole the show. After all, what is a silent film without a score? The terrific European Silent Screen Virtuosi, comprised of Guenter A. Buchwald, Frank Bockius and Romano Todesco, beautifully captured every pratfall, facial gesture and physicall mannerism in all their glory. Buchwald´s delightfully intricate piano was the perfect distillation of Keaton´s mischievous spirit whilst percussionist accentuated the absent sound effects, from gunfire to people being clobbered over the head. Particularly memorable was the depiction of the sweeping America vistas in GO WEST, Buchwald´s exquisite fiddle and a guitar accompaniment from Portished`s Adrian Utley speaking of the vast cattle plains. It was enough to evoke both smiles of joy and tears of wonderment; in other words, Slapstick Festival in a nutshell. Next year´s instalment can´t come soon enough. (Sean Wilson, BR24/7, Jan 24, 2016